Oonagh Stransky is a translator of Italian and writer.

Born in Paris in 1967, she has lived in Beirut, Jeddah, London, New Jersey, Boston, San Francisco, Florence, and for 15 years in New York City. She currently resides in Tuscany. Growing up, her family spoke English, French, and Czech at home.

Her first contact with Italy took place in Florence in the winter of 1986. She immediately felt a connection with the city, its people, and the language. Not long after, she enrolled at Middlebury College Language School and acquired a sound base in Italian. As an undergraduate studying Comparative Literature at Mills College and the University of California at Berkeley, she was a student of Comparative Literature, she took as many Italian language and literature classes possible. A full year at the University of Florence devoted to medieval manuscripts, Renaissance history, and contemporary cultural studies had a profound impact on both her language and life. 

After university, Stransky settled in rural Casentino valley – close to Florence but remote and difficult to reach. She married, had children, and assimilated everything she could about language and life in Tuscany. Five years later, Stransky moved to New York City where, over time, she worked at the Italian Academy at Columbia University, the Consulate General of Italy, and obtained her Master’s degree in Italian from Columbia University, focusing on women writers and 20th century poetry. In 2000 she won a fellowship for young translators from the American Literary Translators Association and a year later published her first translation (Almost Blue, by Carlo Lucarelli) with historic City Lights. 

In 2009, Stransky returned to live in Tuscany. She initially worked for five years in the world of wine and at the same time learned about olive oil. She now produces her own extra virgin olive oil. In addition to writing about food and wine, she contributes to The Florentine newspaper and The American Magazine, and periodically writes short stories. 

Stransky has translated novels, short stories, poems, essays, newspaper articles, brochures, legal documents, press releases, love letters, personal statements, fashion catalogs, films, documentaries, restaurant reviews, wine descriptions, curriculum vitae, cookbooks, guide books, songs, and children’s stories.

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