Beauty and the Inferno


Beauty and the Inferno is a collection of articles written by Saviano both before and after Gomorrah in which all the journalist’s insight, humanity, urgency, and anger come surging to the surface. It includes pieces on the city of L'Aquila, professional boxing, Miriam Makeba, Salman Rushdie, Frank Miller, Michael Herr, Lionel Messi, the film of Gomorrah, the Nobel Academy, and Anna Politkovskaya.

Reviews | Beauty and the Inferno

A man determined to describe the world exactly as he finds it, and in words calculated to rouse the passion of his readers ... Like the greatest of Italian writers, Dante Alighieri, he is above all a moralist who despise those who take no sides in the great struggles of our time.

Matthew Hoffman, The Independent

A celebration of bravery and an expression of rage against corruption and cowardice.

Caroline Moorehead, The Times Literary Supplement

At once deeply disturbing and illuminating ... a litany of hope.

Alan Taylor, Scottish Sunday Herald

It is good to be reminded of the raw bravery of the Savianos of this world and to salute them for the sacrifices they have made in their challenges to power.

Duncan Campbell, The Guardian

He is always erudite, prickly and trenchant.

Catholic Herald

When he tackles the crime lords of southern Italy that his voice soars in a crescendo of outrage ... After reading this, we should all be howling. Somebody might, eventually, hear us.

The Irish Times

“Frank, impassioned and frustrated - these essays from the reporter who lives under threat of death for speaking out against the Italian Mafia put acquiescing bystanders to shame.

Sunday Telegraph

…running through this collection like a seam of poison is despair at the way Italy has made its peace with the criminality [Saviano] exposed.

Arifa Akbar, The Independent