Day After Day


Ispettore Grazia Negro tracks down another faceless killer in this intelligent sequel to Lucarelli’s celebrated first book, Almost Blue. When a young man unwittingly encounters the killer in an Internet chat room, he provides the detective with the clue that could lead her to her target.

Carlo Lucarelli is an Italian crime-writer, TV presenter, and magazine editor. He has written more than twenty novels and numerous short stories. Together with Marcello Fois and Loriano Macchiavelli he founded "Gruppo 13", a collective of crime-writers in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

Reviews | Day After Day

Full of the tensions and atmosphere Lucarelli is so adept at creating.

The Times

Ispettore Grazia Negro thankfully remains centre stage...and Lucarelli carries over many of the fascinations of his feted first book.

Time Out